Compare YardPod® CUSTOM vs YardPod CLASSIC

YardPods are now available in two different, both highly sustainable Families:


Available in any size (10×12 is most popular) Available in standard sizes (8×8, 8×12, 8×16)
Flat, Slope, Shed and Custom roofs Flat (gently sloping) roof
Not available as DIY Available as DIY throughout the USA
Available delivered and finished in Bay Area only Available panelized (flat pack) anywhere in the USA
Select any finishes, or match your home Standardized range of finishes
Framing using FSC Wood, Light Gauge Steel, or SIPs Framed with FSC Certified wood
Heavy thermal and sound insulation Heavy thermal and sound insulation
Sustainable Materials Sustainable Materials
Good Value BEST Value
For more about YardPod CUSTOM, please contact us More about YardPod CLASSIC