A BB* 8×8 YardPod CLASSIC starts at under $5,000, an 8×12 starts at under $6,000

Configuration Examples: YardPod CLASSIC  one Door, one Window, with insulation YardPod CLASSIC  one glass Door, three Windows, with insulation, painted
8ft x 8ft
-       Flat Roof $7,710 $10,849
-       Flat Roof with Overhang
$8,210 $11,349
8ft x 12ft
-       Flat Roof $9,801 $13,213
-       Flat Roof with Overhang $10,351 $13,963
8ft x 16ft
-       Flat Roof $12,577 $15,772
-       Flat Roof with Overhang $13,577 $16,772
 8ft x 8ft YardPod CLASSIC BB*   = $4,897
 8ft x 12ft YardPod CLASSIC BB* = $5,705
 8ft x 16ft YardPod CLASSIC BB* = $8,361
 *BB stands for “bare bones” this YardPod has no floor, making it suitable for a concrete slab, no windows, no insulation, no interior wall finishes, no overhang. It is not painted, but includes the waterproof roof membrane.

Pricing is subject to change, but once ordered, prices are fixed.
Above costs do not include packing, shipping or tax.

Typical shipping costs:
to Bay Area = $350
to Los Angeles = $950
to Sacramento = $250



A CUSTOM 10ft x 12ft YardPod starts at $25,000. Because the YardPod CUSTOM is completely customizable, actual pricing will depend on the level of finishes and the cost of the door and windows.

Please call or email for a custom price quote.